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General information

What is Professional account?
Professional account is an account for music industry professionals, like artists, artist management companies, record labels, concert promoters, concert venues, booking agents and PR agencies. You can choose either Corporate or Personal account.
What is the difference between Corporate and Personal account?
Corporate account is for a company or organization that has legal rights and responsibilities to run a music business. Personal account is for an individual who runs a music business. You must be over 18 y.o. to create Professional account on Show4me.
What can I do as Professional?
As a Professional you can create and manage Artist clubs, event or music album crowdfunding campaigns, sell music and merch, interact with your audience, etc.
I cannot find my country when I'm trying to register, what should I do?
According to the anti-money laundering policy, provided by the payment processor, your country of residence is currently in the list of countries where it is not authorized to process payments.
Can I preorder or buy music and tickets as a Professional?
In order to preorder/buy music or ticket you need to register a Fan account.
Do I need to pay any fees to create Professional account?
There are no fees to create and run Professional account.
Can I have Professional and Fan account simultaneously?
Yes, but you need to use different registration emails to create accounts.

My account

I forgot my password, what should I do?
If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot?” button, enter your email and click on the “Reset password” button. Next, follow the instructions.
What is the “Campaigns” tab on my profile?
Here, you can create new event or music crowdfunding campaigns, as well as see all your current and past campaigns.
Where can my followers see my posts?
Posts can be found in their Interaction hub and on your profile page.
Who can see my profile information?
Your profile information is visible to all visitors.
Who can follow my profile?
Fans and other professionals can follow your profile.
How do I invite my friends to follow my profile from other social media?
Click on the “Find friends” button on your Profile page. Choose an invitation method.
Why do I need to verify my Professional account?
It is necessary to verify your Professional account to request money transfers from your crowdfunding campaigns and music sales. Also, verified accounts build trust and increase fan engagement.
How can I verify my Professional account?
Go to the “Settings” tab, find “KYC” (Know Your Client) subsection and follow the instructions.
What can I do as a Professional?
You can:
  • Create and manage Artist clubs;
  • Launch event and music crowdfunding campaigns;
  • Monetize your professional music activity;
  • Get statistics on the ticket and music sales;
  • Engage and retain your fans via direct interaction.
How do I recover my Professional account, if it has been deleted?
Due to the GDPR requirements, we delete all your personal information upon your request. Therefore, it cannot be restored. Your crowdfunding campaigns and posted contents will remain in the Show4me archive.
How is my personal data protected?
We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and secure its confidentiality in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which applies across the European Union (including in the United Kingdom) and our own Privacy Policy.

Artist clubs

What is Artist club?
Artist club is an official account to interact with fans, post news, share music, and videos, launch crowdfunding campaigns, sell music and merch, etc.
How many Artist clubs can I create?
There are no limits on the number of Artist clubs you can create. However, you must be authorized to create and manage Artist club on behalf of the artist or band.
Where can people see posts I've created in my Artist club?
The posts appear in your Artist club and on Interaction hubs of your Artist club members.
Who can see my Profile information?
Your profile information is visible to all visitors.
Who can join my Artist club?
Fans and other professionals.
Who can pledge to my Artist club campaigns?
Only users with Fan accounts can pledge to your campaigns and become premium members of your Artist club.

Music uploading and sales

How to upload music to Show4me?
To upload music to Show4me you need to create Artist club. Fans are able to buy your songs directly from the Interaction hub, so make sure you upload high-quality tracks encouraging more people to buy them.
How many Music albums can I upload to my Discography?
As many as you wish. There are no limits.
What format should I use to upload music and what is the maximum length of the track?
The audio track cannot exceed 200 Mb. Supports MP3, AAC, M4A, MP4 or OGG format (the minimum bit rate is 192+ kbps, the recommended is 320 kbps).
How many tracks can I include in the Music album?
The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 35.
Who can upload music to Show4me?
Only professionals who manage the Artist clubs can upload music to Discography.
Where can fans purchase my music?
Fans can purchase your music in Discography at your Artist club and in their Interaction hub.
Where can I see the statistics for my music sales?
All statistics can be found in the Album sales tab in your Artist club.
Do I need to provide UPC or ISRC codes when uploading my music?
No, you don't need to.


Who owns the copyrights for the music I upload to Show4me?
You retain 100% ownership. Show4me does not obtain any ownership or intellectual property rights for your music.
Can I add covers and remixes to my Discography?
Yes, you are allowed to upload covers and remixes to your Discography, as long as you own the appropriate rights. Because your covers and remixes are based on the original artist’s track, you will require the right holder’s permission to upload and publish your cover or remix on Show4me.
Reminder: please keep in mind that the creator of the original track may not necessarily retain all of the appropriate rights, especially if the music has been licensed to a recording company. Meaning that getting their permission alone may not be sufficient enough. Hence we would advise you to be extra careful and make sure that you have all the relevant permissions from the correct rights holders prior to uploading your cover or remix.
Can I upload compilation albums to my Discography?
Yes, if you are a right holder of the music or you have a rights holder's permission.
Can I upload tracks of a different artist to my Discography, if I do not own its copyrights?
No, you can't. Such tracks will be deleted as soon as they are identified.
My music is already uploaded to someone else’s Discography. How do I claim my copyrights?
I have been notified, that the music I’ve uploaded is owned by another artist and is going to be deleted. What can I do?
If you receive such notification, it means that you infringe Show4me's Terms of Use. The music will be deleted and you will be banned for 14 days.
If you believe that there is a mistake and you are the rights holder, please contact us by filling out the form.


How to transfer my earnings from music sales and crowdfunding campaigns to my bank account?
In order to request a money transfer, please go to your Wallet, find your crowdfunding campaign or music album title and click on the Payout button.
How much time does it take to process the transfer?
Usually, it takes 3-7 business days.
What is the fee for the transfer to my bank account?
The payment processor charges:
  • For EUR payout - 5 EUR
  • For GBP payout - 5 GBP
  • For all other currencies equivalent to 5 USD
Other fees depend on your bank terms.
Can I transfer money from Show4me to my PayPal wallet?
Unfortunately, this option is not available yet.

Identity verification (KYC)

What is KYC?
KYC (Know Your Client) procedure is required by the payment processor and Show4me to fight fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism. Passing KYC procedure is required only once. Please notice, that you will not be able to request transfers without completing the KYC procedure. You can pass the KYC procedure in your profile Settings.
Why is it necessary to pass the KYC procedure?
It is necessary to pass the KYC procedure to get access to the following actions:
  • request money transfer after your crowdfunding campaign has reached its Confirmation point or was successfully funded.
  • request money transfer from your Music album sales after your sales have reached the minimum payout amount.
  • get a "Verified" status for your Artist club.
How do I pass the KYC procedure?
For personal accounts (individuals), we require information confirming their identity, date of birth, citizenship, etc. You may be required to provide additional information to pass the KYC:
  • ID Card (Front AND Back) or Passport, or driving license for the UK, USA, and Canada (a passport is required outside of SEPA area).

For corporate accounts (legal entities, LLC, inc., etc.), we require specific information regarding business activities and the following documents:

  • ID Card (Front AND Back) or Passport, or driving license for the UK, USA, and Canada (a passport is required outside of SEPA area). IMPORTANT: this document should refer to the individual duly empowered to act on behalf of the legal entity;
  • Certified articles of association (Statute) - formal memorandum stated by the entrepreneurs, in which the following information is mentioned: business name, activity, registered address, shareholding, etc.;
  • Extract from the Company Register issued within the last three months (4). In the case of an organization or sole trader, this can be a proof of registration from the official authority;
  • Correctly filled and executed Beneficial ownership statement (shareholder declaration).

Concert crowdfunding

What is Concert crowdfunding?
Concert crowdfunding allows artists to book their own concerts with their fans participation. Fans and music lovers can pledge in advance and get their tickets with early bird discount. When the minimum Funding goal (Confirmation point) is reached, the concert is confirmed and the date is set. Then, the ticket price returns to its standard rate. If the Confirmation point is not reached, all the pledgers automatically get a full refund.
Can I launch several event crowdfunding campaigns simultaneously?
Yes. You can launch as many campaigns as you want.
What types of event crowdfunding campaigns can I launch on Show4me?
There are 3 types of event crowdfunding campaign: Show, Intimate concert and Private event.
Are there any restrictions on the Funding goal amount?
No, you can set any amount you want, just make it realistic.
What is a Confirmation point and why do I need to set it?
Confirmation point is a sum that includes necessary costs (Budget) and Show4me fee. During this stage, tickets are sold at a discounted "early bird" rate to stimulate demand and make sure that your costs are covered. As soon as the Confirmation point is reached the ticket price increases by 40% to its standard rate and ticket sales generate your Extra profit. Please note, that Private event campaign has no ticket price increase.
What is the minimum and maximum Funding period for a crowdfunding campaign?
It is a time frame when your fans can preorder and buy tickets. The maximum possible Funding period is 150 days, the minimum is 7 days.
In which currencies can I launch my campaign?
You can launch a campaign in the following currencies: US Dollar (USD), GB Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR).
My crowdfunding campaign has reached its Confirmation point. What should I do next?
When your campaign has reached its Confirmation point, you should:
  • set the date and time of the event
  • sign the money transfer agreement
  • make all the payments related to your event
  • keep on selling tickets to your confirmed event
If my crowdfunding campaign hasn't reached its Funding goal, do I have to take any actions to refund pledgers?
You are not required to take any actions. Pledgers will get a full refund automatically.
How do pledgers receive their tickets?
eTickets will be available in the pledger's profile after the campaign has reached its Confirmation point. Those, who will pledge after the Confirmation point, get their eTickets immediately. Fans will be able to download eTickets to print out or save to mobile phone.
Please, download and install free Show4me tReader app to scan tickets at the entrance and get full stats on the visitors. Otherwise, you can download a barcode database for your personal barcode scanners. tReader is available for Android and IOS.
Is it possible not to increase the ticket prices by 40% after the Confirmation point?
It is not possible for the Show and Intimate concert campaigns as this feature is a part and parcel of the crowdfunding model on Show4me. Initially, a ticket price refers as discounted. After the Confirmation point is reached, a ticket price returns to its standard rate, which is 40% higher. Discounted price stimulates "early birds" to pledge your campaign to save money. Only Private event campaigns have no 40% ticket price increase.

Music crowdfunding

What is a Music album crowdfunding campaign?
Music album crowdfunding campaign is focused on raising funds for an Album, EP or Single production. The campaign consists of two stages: Crowdfunding and Preorder stages. Fans will be able to order your album before the official release. Thus fans participate in a music creation process and support their favorite artists. In the same time, fans get an exclusive opportunity to be among the first listeners of new music releases. You can launch a Music album campaign in your Artist club only.
Can I launch several Music album crowdfunding campaigns simultaneously?
Yes, you can. There are no limits on that.
If my crowdfunding campaign hasn't reached its Funding goal, do I have to take any actions to refund pledgers?
You are not required to take any actions. Pledgers will get a full refund automatically.
My crowdfunding campaign has reached its Funding Goal. What should I do next?
When your campaign has reached its Funding Goal, you should:
  • sign the money transfer agreement
  • produce your music
  • upload your music to Show4me
Are there any restrictions on the Funding goal amount?
No, you can set any amount you want, just make it realistic.
In which currencies can I launch a campaign?
You can launch a campaign in the following currencies: US Dollar (USD), GB Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR).
When the campaign has reached its Funding goal and I have uploaded the music. Where does it go?
After you have uploaded your music, it appears in your Discography, where fans are able to buy it.
Can I launch a crowdfunding campaign for mastering?
Yes, you can launch your campaign to record and master your music.


Do I need to pay anything to use Show4me?
No, there is no subscription fee or upfront payments.
Are there any hidden fees?
No, all fees are published on our website.
Concert and Music crowdfunding fees
Show4me fee is 6% and it will be automatically added on top of your total funding amount. This means you receive 100% of the amount you have initially set. If your crowdfunding campaign does not reach its Confirmation point (Event crowdfunding campaign) or Funding goal (Music crowdfunding campaign) you won't be charged any fees.
What fees and commissions are there when selling my music on Show4me?
Show4me fee is 6% and deductible from your total Music album sales.
Artist club premium membership
Show4me fee on Artist club premium membership is 15%.
Transaction fees
Standard transaction fee charged by the payment processor is 2.5% + 0.25 USD/GBP/EUR.

Partner program

Who is the Show4me Certified Agent?
Show4me Certified Agent (SCA) is an individual or a company officially certified by Show4me Music Interaction Network to represent interests of the network worldwide.
How to become the Show4me Certified Agent?
If you want to learn more about the terms of our partner program, contact us at sca@show4me.com Please, provide your personal details and a brief description of your professional activities.


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