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General information

What is Fan account?
If you love music and love to attend concerts, Fan account is for you. Sign up to follow and interact with artists you like, discover new music, add free and paid albums to your Music library, join Artist clubs and much more. Participate in music and concert crowdfunding campaigns, be closer to your favorite artists, make the shows happen. From today onwards, you have the power to influence the music industry like never before.
What can I do as a Fan?
You can:
  • Interact with your favorite artists, friends, followers, and other like-minded music lovers.
  • Participate in concert crowdfunding campaigns and enjoy early bird ticket discount.
  • Preorder upcoming Music albums to get it first and be a part of the music creation process.
  • Listen to free music.
  • Buy released Music albums.
  • Create your own Music libraries.
What is the difference between Fan and Professional accounts?
The Professional account allows music industry professionals to create Artist clubs (official artist pages), launch music and concert crowdfunding campaigns, presell upcoming albums, interact with fans and get detailed statistics, monetize professional music activities.
Fans can join Artist clubs to get news, videos, photos, and posts, buy released and preorder upcoming albums, listen to music. Participate in concert crowdfunding campaigns to get discounted tickets.

My account

I forgot my password, what should I do?
If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot?” button, enter your email and click on the “Reset password” button. Next, follow the instructions.
Who can see my Profile information?
Your profile information is visible to all visitors.
Who can see my posts?
Your posts are visible to everyone who visits your page or follows you.
How is my personal data protected?
We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and secure its confidentiality in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which applies across the European Union (including in the United Kingdom) and our own Privacy Policy.

Crowdfunding campaigns

What is a crowdfunding campaign?
Crowdfunding campaign is a crowdfunding project created on Show4me. There are 4 campaign types: Show, Intimate concert, Private event, and Music album.
Who can see the campaigns I've pledged to?
Information about the campaigns you have pledged to is available on the respective campaign pages and on your profile.
Where do I find campaigns I can pledge to?
You may find interesting campaigns refined by artist, location and music genre in the Search section.
Can I launch a crowdfunding campaign for my Private event?
Only users with Professional accounts can launch crowdfunding campaigns for Private event.
What happens if the campaign has not been funded?
If an event crowdfunding campaign has not reached its Confirmation point, all pledgers will be fully refunded. If a music album crowdfunding campaign has not reached its Funding goal, all pledgers will be fully refunded.
What does the “Confirmed” status mean for the event campaigns?
“Confirmed” status means that a campaign (Show, Intimate concert or Private event) has reached its Confirmation point and that the show will be held. At this stage, the date and time of the event are set by the organizer.
What does the “Funded” status mean for the Music album campaigns?
“Funded” status means that the Music album campaign has reached its Funding goal. At this stage, the artist starts to produce the album.
Music album campaign, that I’ve pledged to, has got a status “Funded”. When will I get my album?
After the Music album is produced and uploaded to the network, it is automatically added to your Music library. You may download or listen to it online.
Who can see my pledge amounts?
Nobody, except for the creator of the сampaign you have pledged to.
If I have a question about the campaign, who should I contact?
You should contact the campaign creator on the respective campaign's page.
Who fulfills the responsibilities and the obligations of a campaign?
The creator of a campaign is fully responsible for the fulfillment of the campaign’s terms.
How do I know, if a campaign I've pledged to is successful?
You will get a notification in your profile and by email.


How do I get my tickets?
If you have preordered tickets on event crowdfunding campaign you would be able to download them after the campaign reaches its Confirmation point and the organizer set the date and time of the event.

If you buy tickets after the Confirmation point is reached, you get them right away. You can find your tickets in the “Pledges” tab on your profile.
Can I get a ticket refund, if the date of the event doesn't suit me or my plans have changed?
Unfortunately, tickets preordered and bought in the event crowdfunding campaigns are not eligible for the refund but you can give it to another person.
Can I change my ticket type to a different one? E.g. General admission to VIP and vice versa?
Unfortunately, that is not possible.
Can I give my ticket to another person?
Sure, you can. Tickets are not named.


How to pledge to an event or album campaign?
  • Choose the ticket or album you want to pledge to and click on the Pledge button.
  • On the Pledge page, enter your valid payment details.
  • Pledge.
Who can see my credit or debit card details?
What different payment methods can I use to pledge a campaign or buy an album?
To make pledges you can use credit/debit/prepaid cards: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Diners, JCB.
When will I be charged?
Your credit or debit card will be charged immediately after you confirm your payment. If the campaign doesn't reach its Confirmation point or its Funding goal you will be fully refunded.
What is the minimum age to pledge or to make purchases?
In order to pledge or to make purchases on Show4me, the minimum age should be 13 y.o. (with the permission from parents).
Can I pledge to a campaign if I am not registered as a Fan?
You are able to review a campaign but you must register as a Fan to make a pledge.
Can I pledge to the same campaign more than once?
Yes. You can pledge to the same campaign as many times as you want.
In what currency I am going to be charged for the pledges and purchases I make?
You will be charged in the currency of the respective campaign. If your card has a different currency, your bank will automatically make the conversion. Show4me works with 3 different currencies, such as: US Dollar (USD), GB Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR).
Where can I find all my pledges?
You can find all your pledges in the “Pledges” tab on your Fan profile page.
Is it secure to pledge and to buy on Show4me?
Absolutely. We partner with Mangopay, a highly secure payment processing provider, which provides a safe and secure environment with the highest security standards. Mangopay is an electronic money institution approved by the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission.
Can I pledge to several campaigns simultaneously?
Yes. You can pledge to the several campaign as many times as you want.

Music library

Can I listen to music for free?
Yes, you can. Some artists share their music for free.
Can I listen to all music on the network via subscription?
There is no general subscription on the network, You can join a particular Artist club and get all content created by the artist with a free and premium membership. You are free to join as many Artist clubs as you wish.
Can I upload music from my PC to the Music Library?
No, only artists can upload their music to the Artist club where you can find and add it to your Music library.

Artist club

What is Artist club?
Artist club is an official account to interact with fans, post news, share music, and videos, launch crowdfunding campaigns, sell music, and merch, etc.
What is a Free and $1 Premium Artist club membership?
You can choose from free and premium membership. Free members can follow Artist club, get the latest updates, news, photos, videos, and interact through comments to artist's posts. Premium members pay $1/year and enjoy all the free access offers, plus they can

- listen online to all artist's music

- participate in private event campaigns; only premium members can pledge and attend this type of event

- and Interact with the artist through direct messaging

How many Artist clubs can I join?
As many as you wish. There are no limits.
What information do I see in my Interaction hub, when I join a new Artist club?
You can see the latest news, photos, videos, albums, concert and music crowdfunding events, etc.


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