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    Sound Healing with Bowls and Harmonic Chanting

    Online concert in Mexico, Mexico City


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    Date and Time May 29 2020, 12:00
    Venue Home Studio
    Venue Home Studio

    Online concert

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    Enter into an active meditation state. 17 Metal Singing Bowls and 2 Tunning Forks at 432hz.

    Meditación Con Cuencos Cantores - Meditation with Singing Bowls
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    Artist: NOJ - Catalan living in Mexico

    When: 29/05/2020

    Where: Online Concert through Twitch on the NOJ profile: twitch.tv/nojandbreath/

    Tickets starts at 1$



    About NOJ:

    Co-founder of HunKa Desarrollo Humano, dedicated to human development. Studied Business Studies and Human Resources in Spain, obtaining experience as a Human Resources Consultant in Spain, England and Mexico. For the past 5 years specialised in working with energy through the vibrations emanating from the Singing Bowls and the Harmonic Chanting, supporting hundreds of people to heal by facilitating to enter into an active meditation, connecting with our interior.

    Also enjoys producing Deep House songs that you can listen here: https://soundcloud.com/nojandbreath

    What is Sound Healing with Singing Bowls?

    Through the sound, the vibrations emanating from the Singing Bowls act on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, causing general well-being and making us more receptive to healing.

    Sound therapies help us to relax, concentrate and increases creativity.

    What do we do in the session?
    A sound massage, understanding the sound as energy and source of healing, armonization and meditation.

    We connect with our breathing, close our eyes and concentrate on the sound that is produced by hitting or scrubbing the bowls.

    We concentrate on the vibrations that emanate from the bowls and enter into a state of active meditation.

    We enjoy the connection with our being, probably having one of the best experience of our lifes.

    The stick or drumstick used represents the masculine energy, that divine, the creative expression, which is essential for the fertilization and formation of the new life.

    The shape of the bowls is related to the feminine energy. The circle that has no beginning or end is the symbol of that eternal and infinite, it represents feminine wisdom and intuition. It is also considered a symbol of fertility and abundance.

    The 17 bowls are complemented by the Harmonic Chanting.

    The bowls are made of an alloy of seven metals: silver, gold, mercury, tin, lead, copper and iron, forged by hand.

    How else it helps?

    All sound-based therapy is based on the principle of resonance, whereby a more intense and harmonic vibration infects a weaker, dissonant or non-harmonic vibration.

    Achieve a relaxation state much quicker.

    Improves the brain functioning.

    Augments the level of energy.

    Improves the quality of dreams.

    Facilitates the interior harmony.

    Catherine - London
    "We organised a Private Singing Bowls Concert with a group of friends that enjoy doing meditations and it was increcible, I felt a very nice energy all around me and seeing very nice colors."

    James - Tulum
    "I was recommended to assist to the Singing Bowls and Harmonic Chanting Concert and I was glad to give myself time to connect with my inner self. The vibrations of the bowls really helped in my healing process. Thank you!"

    Extensive experience working in the human development of individuals, groups and professional teams.


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    General admission

    You will be hearing this concert of 17 Singing Bowls, Harmonic Chanting and 2 tunning forks at 432hz.

    1.00 USD


    Singing Bowls Fan

    You will get to hear the concert and will also be sent a new meditation recorded by NOJ.

    7.00 USD


    Singing Bowls and DJ Fan

    You will get to hear the concert and will also be sent a meditation audio that has been mixed live on Pioneer CD Players to include some interesting effects into the meditation.

    13.00 USD


    Exclusive meditation song gift

    Hear the concert and get a meditation song exclusively made for the person you wish to gift

    21.00 USD


    Masterclass about Singing Bowls

    Hear the concert and let's organize a skype call to master the art of playing singing bowls and singing harmonic chanting

    28.00 USD