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    Date and Time Jun 14 2020, 18:00
    Venue Online
    Venue Online

    Online concert

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    Online Piano Recital by Elizabeth Michelle Heryawan

    Artist: Elizabeth Michelle Heryawan

    When: June 14, 2020, 6 PM of Jakarta / Bangkok time (GMT +7)


    The classical pianist Elizabeth Michelle Heryawan presents an online piano show which will feature numerous classical pieces as well as pop and jazz songs in a relaxing atmosphere to lighten up your mood during this pandemic situation.


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    About Elizabeth Michelle Heryawan

    Elizabeth Michelle Heryawan is a young pianist from Indonesia. She started to learn the piano at 7 and since then she won several awards and piano competitions, including two world records from Record Holders’ Republic and three Indonesian National MURI records.


    Elizabeth is a classical pianist, yet she also enjoys playing pop and jazz music. In her spare time, she loves to compose classical and pop music as well. Her portfolio also includes a few orchestral works. Her primary goal is to spread love and inspire people through her music. “I hope I can contribute my skill, creativity, and knowledge in music to motivate and inspire people around the world,” she says.

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