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    Celebrate life, almost as we know it

    Online concert in United Kingdom, London


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    Date and Time Jul 04 2020, 19:30
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    Online concert

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    Cuban songs, Romantic Bolero, Mexican Mariachi, Latin instrumental songs, Cumbia & Rumba

    Cuban Medley
    Los Soneros
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    Upbeat Medley
    Los Soneros
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    Mariachi Medley
    Los Soneros
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    Latin Medley
    Los Soneros
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    Artist: Los Soneros

     When: July 4, 2020, 7:30 PM GMT+1

     Where: on this page

     Tickets start at £1

    Celebrate life with Los Soneros, almost as we know it!

    Want to experience fiery delivery of Cuban songs, Romantic Bolero tunes, Mexican Mariachi music, and classic Latin instrumental compositions? Join Los Soneros online concert for an unforgettable experience!

    Also after Lockdown, pubs and restaurants in England are going to open their doors back for their clients on the 4th of July and Los Soneros would love to be part of such a unique occasion, Some restaurants will be streaming this show so customers can enjoy of Los Soneros live music while having their first dinner out.


    The band who performes for pre-BAFTA dinner guests will deliver the same fire and skill playing electrifying and contagious dance tunes of Cumbia, Rumba and more for you on July 4th in this space. As the band plays their native Latin-American music styles, skillfully and passionately combining them in a mosaic of genres and sounds for a beautiful phonic experience, they go back to their roots and deliver a finely spiced blend of music that’s bound to get your feet dancing and heart fill with joy!

     Los Soneros


    Los Soneros, or "the soneros", is the name given to musicians who perform the so-called son music, a popular Latin music genre. The band’s founder Victor Garcia was a successful musician in Mexico before moving to London over 30 years ago. To continue his artistic tradition in a new environment, Victor started Los Soneros, a band playing a hot mix of Latin rhythms.

    Natalia Pelaez, another half of the band, joined Los Soneros in 2006, after arriving in London from Colombia. She’s been singing since she was 9 and is a skilled, award-winning vocalist who worked with a number of bands and coached singers singing before joining Los Soneros.


    The band plays Cuban songs, Bolero, Mexican Mariachi, Latin instrumental songs, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, and Rumba. Los Soneros has performed with numerous talented musicians at high-profile venues and events, including House of Lords, Tequila Cuervo launch, pre-BAFTA dinner, and more.


    Listen to Los Soneros music in their Artist club here!

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    Guadalajara - performed in the last show with LIVE fans interaction.






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