Musicians and their fans are separated from each other with Narrow Sea similar to the one of Westeros, and many strongly believe that it cannot be overcome. To cross the water, the music industry requires dragons and massive ships. The managerial and financial barriers and live event risks make artists` heads spin. Organization of the music event is associated with numerous fears. What if nobody comes? What if the expenses are not covered? Even the number of fans who generously like posts on social media or the ones that actively follow musicians does not guarantee their presence at the concert and profit from the events.

 The conventional and complicated schemes of albums’ releases and concert organization still remain mysterious for the emerging talented musicians as many simply do not know how to begin their path in the music industry or how to organize a concert that will not cause a total bankruptcy.

The good news is that the dragon is already here and the ships are ready. Concert crowdfunding is the ability for the musicians to cross the sea without any risks and losses. The artists will not have to worry about how to organize a concert, as the Music Interaction Network will promote their success via the Artist Clubs.


Create the event campaign

Show4me music interaction network provides the ability to arrange events without the need to invest any personal expenses. When the tickets pre-sale is launched with 40% discount, the artists analyze the response of the audience. On the initial stage of the campaign, the artists establish contact with the fans to share the vision of future events, to post photos and videos of the preparation process. These steps are essential for effective artist promotion, no matter whether you are an up-and-coming or a well-known artist.


Set the Confirmation Point

One of the most essential elements of a campaign is planning the amount of money needed for the concert organization. The fans pledge for the tickets, and as soon as the expenses are covered, the show is confirmed. The artist sets the date of the show and sells the rest of the tickets for the full price!


Set the deadline

Each campaign has a period for selling tickets. If the needed amount has not been reached, the fans get their money back, and the organizer does not bear any financial losses. It allows you to analyze the demand with real money that the fans are ready to pay.


Understand your audience and keep in touch with it

With every campaign, you have the ability to analyze your demand and grow your fan base. Even if the confirmation point has not been reached, the artist receives a piece of priceless information regarding the creation of the campaign.

Show4me network lets you launch as many campaigns as you need. Become close to the audience and make your music loved. Show4me is a simple and effective way to research your audience organizing successful and profitable shows.